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Complete systems

  • For Offshore Wind Turbine control applications such as Individual Pitch Control (IPC), the Insensys sensing system consists of:
    • 1x Optoelectronic Measurement unit (Fibre Sensor Interrogator (FSI))
    • 3x sensor arrays (1 per blade), each array consisting of 4 sensor patches each containing Fibre Bragg Grating (FBG) strain and temperature sensors
    • Cables and connectors
  • The FSI is typically located within a turbine hub electrical cabinet. It measures optical sensors, converts optical measurements to electrical signals, and this data is delivered to the turbine PLC over existing turbine architecture and protocols (such as Canbus, Profinet etc).
  • Sensor arrays are installed around the root section of the turbine blade with sensors positioned at 90deg to each other enabling edge-wise and flap-wise bending moment and load calculations.
  • The FSI and arrays are connected together by ruggedised optical cables, and the FSI uses standard electrical connections for power and Comms.
  • Software is provided for installation set up and commissioning.
  • All installations work can be performed by turbine OEM technicians, with Insensys remote training & support available.
  • In standard operation the blade load data is incorporated into OEM turbine control algorithms, enabling blade pitch angle optimisation to increase turbine performance and reduce overall CoE.




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