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Fibre Sensor Interrogator (FSI) - OEM-4030

The FSI is the measurement device which sends pulses of light through the blade sensor arrays. Each sensor returns a reflection to determine the strain at that location. The FSI then outputs all sensor measurements in a data packet to the turbine controller, which uses the data for real time blade load calculations. Data can be sent on CAN, CANopen or serial.

The FSI is a small box, at 240 x 120 x 97mm. It is IP40 rated.

The FSI is designed to fit conveniently into the pitch cabinet.


TL20 Interrogator

Insensys introduces the TL20 Fiber Sensor Interrogator (FSI). The TL20 has evolved from our current FSI product line with 17 years of interrogator design and build experience in harsh environments, and uses lower cost core optical components to achieve a mid-range price/benefit position.

The new Insensys system enhances the existing Cyclic Pitch Control routine by feeding in actual load data which can compensate for pitch encoder errors, and therefore reduces the fatigue damage to the gearbox. The system offers additional load monitoring alarm capability eg extreme load events, and other blade condition monitoring functionality such as damage, de-bonding and also can provide Ice build up alerts to trigger heaters and prevention systems.

Price: ~ £2,000

Volumes: >50/year
+/- 2.5% casing requirements





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