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Strain sensing forharsh environments

Since 2002 we have been pushing the boundaries of imagination and technology in fibre optic strain sensing. We started by designing carbon fibre super yacht masts with embedded sensors, which enable these huge and complex vessels to sail round the world with no fuel consumption. We then installed sub sea systems for Oil & Gas research in 2005, and soon after supplied our first systems into the Wind Energy market. We have now supplied 7,000 wind turbines with sensing systems for control applications and continue to innovate in exciting future markets.

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Wind – Individual Pitch Control

A blade load measurement system that allows turbine loads to be optimised

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For 15 years we have been focused on integrating our sensing technologies with our wind turbine products, and I’m delighted with the evolution of our offerings and the problems we have solved along the way. I’m proud to be part of the global effort to increase the use, whilst reducing the cost of renewable energy.
Chris Knox
Chief Executive Officer

Why choose us

Insensys solid state (no moving parts) sensing systems are designed for 25 years’ operation in a turbine with minimal maintenance in wet, hot, cold or vibrating environments.

We have built over 7,000 systems, primarily for the Wind Turbine market, to measure blade bending. All are still in operation today.

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A brief history of Insensys

Insensys (Integrated Sensing Systems) is a privately owned global leading supplier of fibre optic measurement systems. We supply strain measurement systems to the leading Wind Turbine manufacturers, as well as customising core technology for applications in Oil & Gas, Aerospace, Marine and other markets.

Insensys is based near Southampton in the UK, and employs around 70 people. We design and manufacture on site, and deliver systems to our customers in Europe, Asia and the US.

Our systems have been operating in Wind turbines for more than 15 years with minimal service and maintenance requirements, and we have continued to evolve our products and support as we’ve learnt through experience.


Going full circle

Founded in 2002 as an independent start-up, the original business grew well and divisions were acquired by Schlumberger and subsequently Moog Inc. Following Moog’s divesture from it’s Wind Energy business operations, in 2019 the existing management team re-acquired the business and reverted to our original name, Insensys.

Today the business boasts a strong customer base and order book, experienced engineering team supporting design, operation and installation processes; customised and volume production capabilities; and an exciting technology roadmap which guides our research and development.


A strong vision for future innovation

With our success in the Wind market we are able to invest further in developing our core the technology for new markets, and in the next phase of the business (Insensys 3.0) we are looking forward to continuing our Wind business development, and to innovating optical sensing solutions to challenges in other markets including motorsport, aerospace and composite structures.

We hope you will follow us on the next stage of our journey…


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If you want to make a difference,you should be working for Insensys.

We’re taking on tomorrow’s energy challenges, today. At Insensys, we continue to push the boundaries of technology, innovation and imagination to create positive change for our business and our planet. It’s not an easy job, but we believe that with the right people, passion and curiosity, it is possible.

We’re up for the challenge. Are you?

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